• Details on Recalled Products

Details on Recalled Products

AXIS Arrow Recall


The reason for this recall:

In a recent quality inspection, Easton discovered a blemish in the arrow surface that has a limited chance of affecting the structural integrity of affected AXIS arrow shafts. The arrows can break when fired and hit unintended targets, including the user and bystanders. This recall effects only a small percentage of four specific batch numbers from four sizes of AXIS arrows and arrow shafts.

If the consumer fails to heed Easton’s warning and instruction to inspect and flex test the shaft prior to each shot, and in certain specific locations and orientations relative to the bow, there is a very limited possibility that the region of the discontinuity or blemish might not withstand the loads and deflections of launch from the bow. If this were to occur, the arrow could fail upon launch and injure the archer or other persons in the vicinity.

The affected products shipped between February 21 and May 10, 2013 as follows:

SizeBatch Number

The batch number is printed in the front of the product decal located approximately 14 inches from the nock end of the arrow.

What should you do:

Examine your arrows to determine whether they match the batch numbers shown. If so, immediately discontinue use and go to www.axisrecall.com. This website will outline the steps necessary to participate in the recall. If you need additional assistance, please contact the recall hotline at 1-888-380-6234,

What Easton will do:

Easton will send a prepaid UPS shipping label, so you can return your arrows or arrow shafts FREE of charge. Upon receipt of the returned product, Easton will send replacement AXIS arrows or arrow shafts to you at no charge.