Roberto Hernandez

Roberto Hernandez

Career Highlights

  • Third place in the World Games, Cali 2013
  • Two times Pan-American Champion (2006, 2012)
  • Bronze Medal team competition in the World Archery Championship. Ulsan 2009
  • World cup medals in teams competitions
  • Third Place in the World University Championship, China 2009

World Ranking:

9th place

Years in Archery & on USAT

I've been shooting since 2002 -so 12 years now

How you got your start in archery

before starting in archery, I was a swimmer.  I was bad at it.  My brother was really good at the sport, so I started looking for a new sport for me.  Here, in El Salvador, you can see the archery field from the swimming pool.  I decided to try in January 2002, and I here I am!

Mentor/Inspiration in archery

I really don't have a mentor in archery, just the support from my family and the work of my coaches.


easton, Hoyt, TruBall, Axcel, B-Stinger, Beiter, First string, Synunm

Favorite place to shoot/compete

The archery stadium in Guadalajara is one of the best in the world and a really good place to compete and train.

Breakthrough moment in archery/best shot you ever made

For sure the bronze medal final at the world games - the crowd in the stadium supporting me because I was the only Latin shooter in the men's final.

Birthday and place/where are you based now?

I was born in Santa Ana, El Salvador on January 9th, 1989.  I live in the San Salvador -the capital of the country.

What Easton means to you

The best archery products in the world! When I started to shoot and be part of a team, Easton was my dream!  And now I really enjoy the experienc, because of the people involved in Easton.  They are impressive people and great friends.

When I’m not shooting, you can find me

I enjoy going to the movies, playing soccer with my friends, but the best is humiliating the Big Cat Steve Anderson in online videogames like FIFA haha

Favorite food

I love the traditional food from my country, the "pupusas".  but when i'm going to a competition, I prefer to take the normal food like the continental breakfast.  After the win, we love to celebrate with my teammates -some chicken wings in any sports bar.

When I’m on the line,

I pray to God to let em do a good job and be able to handle the pressure.

Tip for the average archer to shoot better

I always believe that I made a really good practice at home, so I only have fun, enjoy the moment, and leave all in God's hands.

Favorite style of music and what’s on your playlist right now

I hear a lot of the electro house music.  In Latino America, we like the Reggeaton.  
There's a mix between salsa, R&B and bachata, so almost all the songs in my play list are this kind of music.

Favorite movie

"La Vita e Bella", "The Pursuite of Happiness" and "Untouchable"

Favorite TV show/book

The Big Bang Theorgy and Duck Dynasty. 
I like any book from Paolo Coelho.

Favorite sports team

I like soccer, so the team from my city is "FAS".  I also like the Real Madrid, the Lakers, and the Red Sox.


My dog, Atena, is a beagle.  We always have a good time together!


I drive a Mitsubishi Lancer.  My dream car is an Aston Martin One-77

If you could have “coffee” with anyone in history, who would it be?

Monsignor Oscar Romero, Salvadorian martyr who was killed for fighting for the poor in my country.

Philosophy of life/motto

All the things that I do, I always have in mind "God, Homeland and Family"