Reo Wilde

Reo Wilde

Reo Wilde

Career Highlights

  • World Cup Finals with my wife was pretty cool!

    World Ranking:


    Years in Archery

    Competing since 19, so 21 years.  Not sure on how long on a national team.

    How you got your start in archery

    My dad was a world champ

    Mentor/Inspiration in archery

    My dad


    Easton arrows X23s and X27s indoor, X10s outdoor.  Hoyt bow, Doiker stabilizers, Axcel Sight, TRU ball releases, Spot Hog, Oakley, Swarovski Optic

    Favorite place to shoot/compete

    I think Lancaster, the shoot is well ran and just a great setting.

    Breakthrough moment in archery/best shot

    Winning the open division in Vegas

    Birthdate and place. Where are you based now?

    10/6/73 in Pocatello, ID.  I'm still in Pocatello.

    What Easton means to you

    Easton means consistency and quality to me.  I never have a problem with the product I get.  It's always top of the line.

    When I’m not shooting, you can find me

    hanging out with my family.  then maybe playing golf or fishing.

    Favorite food


    What’s going through your mind right before you take the shot?

    At that point, I'm just focusing on  the shot.  If I think too much, I miss.

    Tip for the average archer to shoot better

    Practice!!!  It will give you confidence, and that helps any shooter.

    Favorite type of music and what on your playlist right now?

    Rap and 80s rock

    Favorite movie

    We're the Millers

    Favorite TV show

    I love Modern Family

    Favorite sports team


    Family and pets

    Wife: Sheri.  Kids: Kenady and Paige.  Dogs: Lady and Molly


    I drive a Dodge pickup.  My dream car is a Ferrari.

    If you could have coffee with anyone in history, who would it be?

    MJ.  He was the best ever at what he did and still has a bigger name than most players today.

    Philosophy of life/motto

    Just give it all you can.  It will pay off.

    Where will you be in 20 years?

    In 20 years, I will be older and still shooting archery.