Pierre-Julien Deloche

Pierre-Julien Deloche

Suivez mes dernières actualités, photos et vidéos en équipe de France arc à poulies ”presque” en live !
Pierre-Julien Deloche

Career Highlights

  • 2013 Gold & silver WAC Antalya……. Gold at WC4 Wroclaw Silver at World games Cali Gold by team WC3 Medellin Bronze by team WC2 Antalya Gold individual and team in Riom European grand prix European indoor champion and silver by team Nîmes’ silver medali

    World Ranking:

    World Number 1, Mens Compound

    Years in Archery and on National Team

     I'm an archer since 2004 and in national team since 2007

    How you got your start in Archery

    As a nervous child ! So my parents decided to try archery and see if it would make me calm… It works !

    I was only 9 when I shot an arrow for the first time and for two years only with a compound and only in 3D, I was a finger shooter. After that, I stopped archery for studies and I went back behind my bow 11 years later in 2004.

    Mentor / Inspiration in Archery

    Archers that inspires me by their personnality, their fairplay and their performance are Jesse Broadwater, Reo Wilde, Braden Guellenthien, and also my team mates Dominique Genet and Sebastien Brasseur. 

    All of them are great archers and I respect them as a sportman and as a person.



    Easton X10 PROTOUR for FITA 50m

    Easton X7 Eclipse for indoor 18m


    HOYT Pro Comp Elite XL

    Stabilizer and release



    SURE LOC Supreme




    MINOX APO HG 10x43 binoculars

    MINOX spotting scope MD ED W 21-42



    Stabilizers : ADESIGN



    Favorite place to compete / shoot

    I like to shoot in the South of France near Toulon, the weather is always pleasant for archery practicing, and also in my club near Lyon, with all my friends. For international competition, my favourite places are Shanghai China and Ogden USA. Shanghai is a huge city where I meet everything different, from skyscrapers to temples, the weather is typically wet and hot which changes many things for me, it's like holidays ! Ogden is another place I love to go, near SLC, with beautiful landscapes, archery friends and facilities like Easton and Hoyt, and most of all…It's USA, and I would like to spend more time in that wonderful country !

    Breakthrough moment in your career

    I always remember two times of my archery life… Nîmes' tournament in 2009 and also in 2013. I had to beat some of the best shooter in the World to reach the final. I must held my nerves to beat them, incredible and respectfull archers like Sergio Pagni, Reo, Jesse, Braden…!

    The best shot you ever made

    My best shot I've ever made is during the last European indoor championship where I won the gold after a perfect semi and final… All 10's in the 15 and 12 arrows of both matches. It was my first individual victory for a title, and I'm very proud of that.

    Birthday and where you live now

    I was born on the 6th of February 1982 in Valence, France (South East)

    Now, I'm in the French NAVY as a coastguard in Toulon, near Marseille in the South of France (the French riviera!)

    What Easton means to you

    Easton means family, sport and human experience, fairplay, quality and performance. Easton is the best way to help me to reach the highest level I can in my career. They allow me confidence and material to beat record, win the gold, in every condition. No just a brand, a family who trust me, and support me, this is what I'm looking for in a partnership also. Easton offers all I need, what else ???

    When Im not shooting, you can find me

    1- I love writing ! So, if I'm not behind my laptop to write a new article on my website, I'm with my fountain pen relaxing on one of my book.

    2- I work into my signal station as a coastguard, coordinating maritime rescue by radio VHF

    3- I drive my car to another destination, music on top, trying to spend some time with my family and my friends !

    Favorite meals

    Before a competition I use to eat carefully to hold my energy, with some vegetables, white meat, and also pasta. After a win, I use to drink one (only) very good but short and dry whisky, Maccalan or Lagavulin !

    When Im on the line, shooting for the Gold, this is going through my head

    I think about nothing to be negative, I love to shoot on a final field with cameras, photographers and the beauty of the scene. The best way to appreciate a final is to shoot the best I can, the pressure is on of course but I don't want to loose control on my nerves. I feel relax, I think i'm relaxed and so the body understand that I'm relaxed !

    A tip for the recreational archer to shoot more like you

    A shot that doesn't ask you high energy will improve your accuracy shot after shot. You have to work on you and your bow settings to save the energy. You will be able to place it when it would be necessary and you'll keep the control. There are some times to work a physical training, and others that the body knows how to shoot and the only thing to do is to be relax to save it the longer you can.

    Favorite style of music and whats on your playlist right now

    Alternative rock first of all ! I love listening The Black Keys, they are my favourite group.

    Here is my playlist :

    The black keys

    -Lonely boy

    -Gold on the ceiling

    -Little black submarine


    -Old artist



    -Come on, get high


    -All the plans

    -Neon sky

    -Listen up

    Kings of leon


    -Knocked up


    Lily Wood and the Pricks

    -Middle of the night

    -Into trouble


    -Hurry up, we're dreaming


    -The cell

    -Down the road

    Favorite movie

    Currently, ''The Hobbit'' ! After the lord of the rings, this movie is wonderful ! Landscapes, music, caracters and story are ''my cup of tea'' ! I also love to watch movies like Harry Potter, James Bond, and all marvels !

    Favorite book / TV

    I don't watch TV so much to answer ! I'd prefer to write, to listen music or to watch a good movie instead of TV programs. If I read something, it would be a politic magasine or good Stephen King !

    Favorite Sports Team

    The French Archery Team!!! 

    Do you have pets?

    I have a cat named ''Sam'', a joker, and he always sticks me when I'm at home. Sometimes, I'm asking if it's a cat or a dog as if I go somewhere, I follows me. He's always on my knees when I'm writing too…

    What kind of car do you drive now, what is your dream car?

    I drive an Audi A3 which suit me the best for the moment. I'm thinking about a new one, larger, like an A3 sportback or an A4 break as I'm driving up to 45000 km per year. Dream car… Hummm, there are so many ! A 600 hp camping race car ??? hahaha ! Sometimes, my father-in-law let me drive his Porsche Turbo, it's like a dream and that's more than enough for me. I know that I'm lucky about that !

    If you could have “coffee” with anyone in history, it would be

    the Queen Elizabeth ! People use to say she is joking well ! Ok, if she's not free, I would have a coffee with the lovely actress Eva Green;-)

    Philosophy of life / Motto

    Currently I'm working very hard between the French NAVY and the high level of archery. I spend all the time to work on both. So my philosophy is to remember that the work will pay one day, and I will be proud of me. I must do that now as I'm able to realize big things, I can rest after… My motto is : stop to ask why, and ask why not ?! That means I can do what i'm thinking about, I can trust my abilities and realize something instead of thinking that's not possible. So, I think, I go ! 

    In 20 years, Ill be

    I'll be a good father who'll take care of my family, spending times for them and into my house, enjoying time I'll have ! My job ? I don't know yet, but I trust myself that I will be able to have an enthraling one, may be in archery, or near the sea, or both !