Peter Elzinga

Peter Elzinga

Peter Elzinga

Career Highlights

  • World record holder 1419 fita. And multiply world record holder. 50 meters and 70 meters 6 times European champion 2 times individual 4 time team. 2006 2th world cup final. 2th mix team world championships.

    World Ranking:


    How many years in Archery and how many on the National Team

    18 years national team I am shooting for 22 years

    How did you get your start in Archery

    My parents started archery I played soccer but at the age of 9 archery came in to my life and never stoped 

    Mentor / Inspiration in Archery

    I don’t really got a mentor but love to see competitions at the highest level.


    Easton Arrows:   Indoor; Eclipse X7 2315 / Outdoor;  Protour 520 

    Hoyt : procomp elite xl with spiral X cams

    Stabilizer: Fuse carbon blade ES

    Sight: Axcel achieve

    Release: Tru Ball sweet spot

    Scope: sure-loc black eagle

    Arrow rest: spot-hogg edge

    Peepsight: specialty archery

    Vanes: indoor flex-fletch 360 outdoor flex-fletch 187

    Nock : beiter hunter nock

    Case: Sebastian flute case

    Optics: leupold

    Wraps: custommade arrow wraps

    Favorite place to shoot / compete

    Everywhere, I just love to shoot no matter where its at !

    Breakthrough moment in your career

    In 2004 I had my breaktrough moment I was within 3 months 2 times individual European champion and was nr 1 world ranked.

    Birthplace and where are you based now

    I was born in 30-01-1981 in Amsterdam.

    Now I live in Almere with my wife Vanessa.

    What Easton means to you

    I shot Easton all my life ! From 2002 when I didn’t even won anything yet Easton helped me out sponsoring me.

    Easton means a lot to me feels like Family to me.

    When I shot the 1419 I heard when it was known in the Easton factory there was a big scream that was the only record they didn’t had when I heard that makes you feel special.

    I can trust my Easton arrows everywhere I go around the globe !

    When I’m not competing, you can find me

    In my archery shop Elzinga Archery or outside running

    Favorite food

    Beef Jerky!!! 

    When Im on the line, shooting for Gold, this is going through my head

    make strong shots 

    Tip for the recreational Archer to shoot more like you

    Practise as hard as you can and shoot as many arrows get your fiscal conditions in shape it will help you mentally as well !

    What kind of music are you listening to lately

    I like pop rock music like Daughtry / the script and ed sheeran.

    Favorite movie

    James Bond movies

    Favorite TV / Book

     Arrow / CSI / NCIS and soccer.

    Favorite Sports Team

    Ajax Amsterdam / FC Barcalona 

    Who is home waiting for you

    I have 2 cats, called Levi and Lancelot, my wife Vanessa 

    What kind of car do you drive now and what is your dream car

    I drive a Nissan Quasqai +2  / Dream car Maybach exelero

    If you could have coffee with anyone in the world

    Lionel Messi

    Philosophy of life / motto

    Get your game on !

    In 20 years, Ill be

    ill try to be a icon in this sport.