Michael Cauwe

Michael Cauwe

Michael Cauwe

Career Highlights

  • Multiple national titles and records
  • World Cup Bronze medalist
  • Multiple podiums in Pro Archery Series
  • Gold medalist AGB National Series Final

World Ranking:

Best was 20th. Current is 34th.

Years in Archery & on USAT

Since 1998.  On a National team since 2001.

How you got your start in archery

I was involved in archery because of a school friend.

Mentor/Inspiration in archery

Terry Wunderle


Mathews, Easton, BeeStinger, Carter, Sure-Loc, Beiter, Custom made arrow wraps

Breakthrough moment/best shot you ever made

Best moment was the Bronze medal match in Medellin World Cup.  My best shot was my last arrow which was a 10 in strong wind to win the match.

Birthday and where are you based now?

08 July 1982.  I live in Brussels, Belgium.

What Easton means to you

To me, Easton means high quality products where I can put all of my confidence.

When I’m not shooting

you can find me underwater.

Favorite food

My favorite food is real Italian pizza

On the shooting line

"Execute a perfect shot" is going through my head.

Tip for the average archer

Don't try to shoot 10s.  Try to shoot with perfect form.

Favorite style of music

RnB, Hip Hop, and Rap.

Favorite movie


Favorite TV Show

I like to watch Discover Chanel, National Geo, etc.

Favorite sport (other than archery)

Ice Hockey


I have a dog, Kira, 4 year old female Staffordshire Bull Terrier.


I drive an AUDI.  My dream car is a Ferrari or a Lambo.

If you could have “coffee” with anyone in history, who would it be?

I would have coffee with Napoleon to see how they were thinking years ago.

Life philosophy or motto

Enjoy every day.  Life is too short.