Marcella Tonioli

Marcella Tonioli

Marcella Tonioli

Career Highlights

  • First individual gold at European indoor championships in 2011
  • Mix team gold at World Championship in Turin 2011
  • Individual gold at World Cup Ogden in 2011 and Shanghai in 2012
  • Mix team gold at World Cup Antalya, Medellin and World

World Ranking:

Best place 2nd in 2012, actually 9th

Years in Archery and on USAT

I've been in archery since May 2003.  I became part of the national team in January 2011.

How did you get your start in archery?

I was introduced to archery in 2003 by my P.E. teacher when I was attending secondary school.  I liked it and I went to watch an archery competition.  There I realized that it could be my sport.  I started shooting a recurve bow and after five years, some girls from my archery club asked me to join them in the compound team.  Now the compound bow is my favorite.  When I tried it, it was like a rebirth in my archery career.

Mentor/Inspiration in archery

My mentor and inspiration is my coach.  He always has some good words for me and I learned from him all that I know about archery today!!  Thanks Giorgio!!!


Easton, Hoyt, Axcel, TruBall, B-Stinger, Elivanes, Beiter, CustomMadeWraps

Favorite place to shoot/Compete

I don't have a favorite place to shoot -I just love to shoot with my friends.  When I'm with them, every place is beautiful! :)

Breakthrough moment in archery

In 2008 when I stopped shooting the recurve and started with the compound.

Best shot you ever made

I think the last arrow of the gold medal match at the European indoor championships in 2011

Birthday and place/where are you based now?

I was born on May 31, 1986 in Portomaggoire, Italy.  I am now living in a small town near Portomaggoire …Gabulaga

What Easton means to you

Easton means top quality, affordability, courtesy.  In one word: Family.  Easton is one big family!

When I’m not shooting, you can find me

In a pub with friends, traveling by car or at home in my bedroom (my corner of paradise)

Favorite food

Pizza, pasta, bier (especially after a win!)

On the shooting line

The perfect shot is going through my head.

Time for the average archer to shoot better

Remember to have fun and relax when shooting.  And always search for the perfect shot!

Favorite style of music and whats on your playlist right now?

I like Pop/Rock music.  My favorite singer is an Italian singer, LIgabue.  I also like Nickleback, Green Day, ACDC.  My playlist has:

Safe and Sound (Capital Cities)

I'm your Sacrifice (Ozark Henry)

Rockstar (Nickleback)

Back in Black (ACDC)

Tu Sei Lie (Ligabue)

Country Roads (Olivia Newton-John)

My Body (Young the Giant)

Strange World (Ke)

We are Young (Fun)

La Neve se ne Frega (Ligabue)

Favorite movie

All Miyazaki's films (Howl's Moving castle, Spirited Away, Porco Rosso, Castle in the Sky, Lupin, My Neighbor Totoro, etc)

Frankenstein Junior

The Avengers (and all the Marvel films)



Favorite TV/Book

TV: One Piece

Book: La Neve se ne Frega (Ligabue)

Favorite sports team

I don't follow sports other than archery.


Pets: I have two dogs, Nana and Primula, and two cats that have no names (I don't like to name my cats)


I drive a Ford Fiesta.  My dream car is a Hummer H2

If you could have “coffee” with anyone in history, who would it be?

Dante Alighieri

Philosophy of life/motto

Tenere Sempre Fortissimamente Botta.  It means to keep strong, to hold on.