Jesse Broadwater

Jesse Broadwater

I love archery for what it is; solitary, humbling and the ultimate challenge. I can always get better. I wear pink and blue shoelaces when I compete as a sign to my kids that Daddy is thinking about them.
Jesse Broadwater

Career Highlights

  • Redding coure record
  • Shooting first ever clean hunter round at NFAA outdoor nationals as a cub. I was 10 yrs old……. Winning Vegas 2006/2012…….. indoor wold silver medalist 2009 team gold….. Winning car shoot off 3 times…… Winning Fita field outdoor nationals, out

World Ranking:

Number 1 Field Archery / #8 FITA

Years in Archery & on the National Team

Started when I was 6. started competing at age 10. I'm 29 now. USAT team for 8 years.

How did you get your start in Archery

I wanted to go hunting with my dad, so he got me a hunting bow, and we started shooting together. shot a few years with hunting bow, then discover target archery, my parents got me a target bow for Christmas, joined a great club, and started shooting target.

Mentor / Inspiration in your Archery Career

My dad…. Terry Ragsdale…. Joe Kapp….. Jim Despart….. Brian Simpson…… there were a few I looked up to when I was younger.


Arrows:  Easton (x7, protour, da torch, AC injection) 

Bow: Hoyt 

Fletching: AAE  

Sights: Truball/Axcel 

String: BCY 

Lancaster Archery Supply 

Points: Competition Archery Products 

Sight scope:  Feather Vision  

Optics:  Leupold

Favorite place to shoot / compete

Vegas is always a thrill….. but I love outdoor shooting, and especially field archery…. so anywhere on a field course, just enjoying, relaxing, and sharpening my skills.

Breakthrough moment in your Archery career

My first couple wins as a professional, was a monkey off my back, after being in numerous shoot offs for the win, and always being so close……… 

Best shot you ever made

there have been a few good shoot off arrows I have shot, but me and Braden, have had some epic shoot offs… we went 26 ends,, arrow for arrow, inside out x after x, in 2006 at indoor NFAA nationals… that was pretty intense….. 

Birthplace and where you live now

I grew up in western Maryland. Garrett county. farm country…. and I live just about an hour north of there now, in somerset, PA.

What does Easton mean to you

Being a part of Easton makes me proud because they do so much for the sport, and have put so much into it, that I want to do my best, to represent their products, and work with Easton, to help them stay on top, and give the consumers the best options. Just like a precision rifle, the rifle is only as good as the ammo you use in it, archery is the same. It is essential that you have the best arrow money can buy, or the performance of your whole setup, will suffer. with easton, I know that I have the absolute best.

When Im not shooting, you can find me

Spending time with my family. My family is, and always will be, number one. I would rather spend time with them more than anything. I want to be there as much as I can for them….. Some of my hobbies include- hunting, fishing, diesel truck performance, paintball, camping, snowmobiling, dirt bike riding…. pretty much anything. I love doing a variety of things. I love the outdoors.

What is your favorite food

I am not a picky eater. I try to eat healthy, but I have a sweet tooth also. I eat pretty much anything, but the best is eating something that you harvested yourself. a good bowl of chili, with canned deer meat is hard to beat!!

When Im on the line, shooting for Gold, this is going through my head

Through training, and preparation, and mental preparation, any top athlete should be ready for the spotlight. it sometimes is hard to simulate in practice, but we all try our best. I have quite a few things I do mentally to try and prepare for victory, in practice, right down to that last shot for the win. in a nut shell, I just try to take my mind to a relaxing place, and let my subconscious take me through the motions.

Tip for the recreational archer to shoot more like you

Start with the best equipment you can afford, and find the best help you can, to get started right. set goals, and never give up.. also don't be afraid to try different things, we all do this, even at the top level, and this is how a lot stay on the cutting edge. Repetition, consistency, and staying relaxed are key parts to shooting better.

What kind of music do you listen to

Country, Rock, and a variety of others…. anything with a good beat…

Favorite movie

I like the Bourne movies…. and I like the actors Vince Vaughn, Matt Damon, Jennifer Anniston … anything with them in it, I usually like.


My wife is Lisa, and we have a daughter, Gracie together. she was born in November, of 2007. We also share Tristan, a boy, who was born in July of 2005. And we adopted a girl names Molly, who was born in October of 2008.. My wife also has an older daughter, Lacey, and son Michael, who were born in 89, and 92… so we have the three youngest in the house . we currently have two dogs, Izzy and Cooper. a hamster, Teddy. Two goats, Susie and Daisy. A bird, Sugar. A cat, Kit Kat. 

What kind of cars do you like

I have a ram 2500 diesel pick up, and we also have a dodge Durango family car

If you could have coffee with anyone in history

My pap who I never got to meet.

Philosophy of life / motto

Everything happens for a reason!

In 20 years, Ill be

 — 49… ;)