Jake Kaminski

Jake Kaminski

Jake Kaminski

Career Highlights

  • 2012 Team Olympic Silver Medalist
  • 2012 Individual Silver Field World Championship
  • 2012 Team Gold Field World Championship
  • 2011 Individual Silver Indoor World Championship
  • 2011 Team Gold Indoor World Championship
  • 2011 Pan Am Games Team Gold Medalist
  • 2010 National Indoor, Outdoor Champion
  • 2 time Indoor World Cup Finals Silver Medalist

World Ranking:

Current 45th Highest 11th

Years in Archery & on USAT

Shot my first arrow on my 6th birthday, shot compound for 9 years then switched to recurve in 2003.  4 years on SR USAT 1 year on JR USAT.  3 world teams

How you got your start in archery

My dad won a bow at a gun raffle at the local Fire department. We bought a bow for me at K-Mart started shooting in the back yard and found a local JOAD club down the road, been shooting ever since.

Mentor/Inspiration in archery

Jesse Broadwater

Braden Gellenthien

Really any compound shooter - they are amazing at what they do.


Hoyt Bows

Easton Arrows

Stabilizers- Easton (hopefully)

Sights- Axcel

Accessories- AAE

Vanes- AAE

Strings- Viscosity Bowstrings

Optics- Leupold Optics

Distributor- Lancaster Archery Supply

Sunglasses- Oakley

Backpacks- Easton

Apparel- Bro Activewear

Apparel- Loudmouth Golf

Supplements- Wilderness Athlete

Supplements- Just be Natural

Arrow favorites

Indoor- X7 Eclipse

Outdoor- X10

Fields- X10

Hunting- A/C Injexions

Compound- Protours

Favorite place to shoot/compete

Really anywhere Field archery is, its always beautiful. Field Worlds in France was amazing.

Breakthrough moment in archery -and the best shot you ever made

Beating the Korean team in London during the semi-finals. 

Winning several shootoffs at the 2011 Indoor World Championships to get to the Gold Medal match.

Birthdate and Place Where are you based now?

August 11th 1988 (same day as my dad) Buffalo, NY

Based in Gainesville, FL

What Easton means to you

Easton is a Lifestyle. Archery is what I do and Easton has every aspect of the sport covered.

When I’m not shooting, you can find me

Enjoying Time with my wife Amanda

Working on/Tuning my Car

Racing R/C Cars

Favorite food

Buffalo food ie Pizza, Wings, Beef on Weck etc.

Post Game win- Anything delicious as long as it is accompanied with an ICE COLD Drink.

When I’m on the line shooting for the gold,

"shot execution" is going through my head

Tip for the average archer to shoot better

Get form changes out of the way ASAP you will always gain more points from proper shooting technique then any equipment change ever will.

What’s on your playlist right now?

On my Pandora list I have,

Alice In Chains

Sail by AWOLNation

Blue Foundation

Favorite moive

Too many to list, but anything comedy or something that leaves you thinking

Favorite TV show

South park

Favorite sports team

I'd rather be playing sports

Pets and name of spouse

Wife -Amanda

4 cats: Tyson, Thursday, Eydoh, Maverick

Your car

I drive a 2003 VW GTI 1.8T

Dream car: 1967 Shelby GT 500

Philosophy of life

have passion for anything you do