Darrin Christenberry

Darrin Christenberry

Archery is the greatest, most fulfilling sport ever! Its my life, my passion and hunting trophy whitetails really gets my blood pumping!
Darrin Christenberry

Career Highlights

  • 2002 ASA Rookie of the year
  • 2003 and 2006 IBO National Triple Crown winner
  • 2006 ASA Shooter of the year
  • 2011 USA World cup team member
  • Several ASA and IBO National titles

When did you start Archery and how long have you been Pro

I started shooting in 1991, started competing in 1994, Turned pro indoors in 2000 and pro 3-D in 2002.

How did you get your start in Archery

I walked into an indoor range in my hometown in 1991. There was a league going on that evening. I saw all of the fancy bows with all type of target gadgets and was intrigued by everything. I have been hooked ever since

Who were some mentors / inspirations in your career

Randy Ulmer, Jeff Hophins, Terry and Michelle Ragsdale


Arrow-Easton…Hunting-Full metal Jacket, 3-D-2412's, Outdoor-X10 protours, Bow-Elite Archery, Stabilizers-Doinker Platinum Hi-mods, Sights-CBE (custom Bow Equipment) Quad lite

Where is your favorite place to compete

Columbus, GA at FT Benning. I have won more money there than anywhere and have shot some of my personal best scores there.

What was your breakthrough moment in Archery

Winning the IBO Triple Crown in 2003. After winning the title, I felt like I really belonged in the pro division and it gave me the confidence to compete.

The best shot you have ever made

The final arrow for score in the 2006 ASA Classic Championship…I needed a 10 to win the Shooter of the Year title, for some reason I felt like I could 12 it. I did hit the 12 and that arrow got me into the final shoot down where I went on to win the tournament too.

Where did you grow up and where do you live now

April 27, 1970 in Bloomington, Indiana. I have lived my whole life in Spencer, Indiana.

What does Easton mean to you

Quality, consistency, durability and products that help athletes live their dreams and achieve their goals

When Im not shooting, you can find me

Hunting, Fishing and Driving my 1970 Charger RT

Favorite food

Everything!! Most of all, probably pasta. I very seldom compete without Nutter Butter cookies!!

When you are on the line, shooting for Gold, this is going through your head

Aim and execute

A tip for the recreational archer to shoot more like you

Focus on what you are in control of.  You can’t control anything that anyone else is doing on the line or on the range.  Trust what you have practiced thousands of times.  Focus on being calm, be in control of your emotions and channel your thoughts to the execution of the shot and the shot process.  Not on the result.

What kind of music do you like

listen to a wide variety of music. I like Country, 80’s rock, bluegrass, a little bit of everything.  Playlist; Old Crow Medicine show, Pearl Jam’s greatist hits, Guns and roses (appetite for destruction album)

Favorite movie

Shawshank Redemption

Favorite TV / Book

Big Bang Theory/Understanding Winning Archery by Al Henderson

Favorite Sports Team

Indianapolis Colts

Who is at home waiting for you

3 dogs; Emma, Hurricane and Avalanche, Wife; Christina, Son; Dylan

What kind of vehicle do you drive / what is your dream car

I drive a 2003 Dodge Ram truck and a 1970 Charger RT. My dream car would be a 1971 Hemi Cuda convertible, 4 Speed!  They only know of 2 that still exist!

If you could have coffee with anyone

My grandpa Christenberry.  I was born in 1970. He passed in 1971. I just want to know if I’m anything like him

Philosophy of life / motto

No matter what it is, You get out of it, what you put into it!!

In 20 years

Retired from working, still competing and shooting arrows