Crystal Gauvin

Crystal Gauvin

Crystal Gauvin

Career Highlights

  • 1st place at Indoor World Cup, Morocco

    Years in Archery & on USAT

    1 year

    How you got your start in archery

    A bet in the backyard with my husband

    Mentor/inspiration in archery

    All the pros and Olympians


    Mathews, Easton, Sure-Loc, Doinker, Specialty Archery, Swiftwick, and Nuun

    Breakthrough moment in archery

    2013 USAA Outdoor Nationals

    Birthday and place/where you’re based now

    June 4, 1984 in Wooster, OH.  Now living in Dayville, CT

    What Easton means to you

    American made, community supporter and X seeking arrows

    When I’m not shooting, you can find me

    Blogging, cheering on my teams or riding my bike

    Favorite food

    Ice cream and Espresso

    When I’m on the shooting line

    My shot process is going through my head.

    Tip for the average archer to shoot better

    Practice, practice, practice and tune your equipment to you

    Favorite style of music & what’s on your playlist right now

    Anything and everything!

    Favorite movie

    Meet the Parents

    Favorite TV show/book

    Big Bang Theory and Night

    Favorite sports team

    Xavier Musketeers, Ohio State Football, Cleveland Indians, Montreal Canadians and Cleveland Browns


    Husband: Rich.
    Cats: Misty and Penny


    I drive a Ford Escape.  My dream car is Platinum F350 w/ double duallys. 

    Philosophy of life/motto

    Quiet the Mind, Stay Strong, Let Go