Caroline Martret

Caroline Martret

Caroline Martret

Career Highlights

  • Gold medal individual World Championship Indoor 2003 Nimes (junior)
  • 4th Individual European FITA Championship 2004 (senior) brussels + Gold by team
  • Gold Medal European Grand Prix Bulgaria 2005

World Ranking:

Current 40 / Best 12

Years in Archery

14 years

How you got your start in archery

My parents were shooting recurve for a long time, and I was with them during competitions every weekend.  It was a little bit boring for me when I was young because I was just watching and not shooting.  One day, I said, "I want to start archery, but I want to make the difference and shoot Compound instead of Recurve."  That's how everything started! 

Mentor/Inspiration in archery

My father for his calmness and self control


Easton, Hoyt, Bee Stinger, Axcel, Feather Vision, Adesign, Arc Systeme

Favorite place to shoot/compete

Everyplace in the world makes me enjoy my sport.

Breakthrough moment in archery/best shot you ever made

Final of World Championship in Nimes because it was in France with all my family and friends.  It was an exciting moment with fear but also very good feelings.

Birthday/place and where are you based now?

24 February 1985 in Paris.  I now live in Gagny which is next to Paris.

What Easton means to you

To me, Easton means accuracy, a trustful partner and huge family :)

When I’m not shooting, you can find me

At work :)  I own my small company (event agency) that I opened in 2011.  If I'm not on the shooting line, I'm at Smart Event offices.

Favorite food

Fondue Savoyard.  I looooooove cheese!

When I’m on the shooting line

My strategy -how to shoot an X -is going through my head.

Tip for the average shooter

Be strong and relax which seems to be the opposite, but it is the best thing to do to shoot well.

Favorite style fo music and what’s on your playlist right now?

All styles -it really just depends on the day.  Happy Pharell is on my playlist right now.

Favorite movie

Dirty Dancing

Favorite TV show



I have a big black cat with long hair named Coca for Coca Cola.


I drive a Clio (Renault).  My dream car is an Audi A1.

If you could have “coffee” with anyone in history, who would it be?

God of course!

Philosophy of life/motto

When there's a will, there's a way!